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Friday, April 6, 2018

Going to the marae

Tūhuru Marae - Arahura
On Thursday Ruma Kea are going to visit Tūhuru marae.
Write a paragraph about what you think the day will be like. It can be from the moment you wake up or from the car ride to the marare. What was the weather like on Thursday?
Here are some sentence starters.
When I woke up I had breakfast, got dressed and then took the bus to school. Once I was at school.............
When I got to school I had to hop in a car with a parent and my school friends, it was a long ride to the marare.
Here are some words in Te reo Māori you could use:
· Manahau (Excited)
· Whakamā (Shy)
· Harikoa (Happy)
· Pahi (bus)
· Motokā (Car)
· Awa (river)
· Wharenui (Dining room)

When I woke up I got dressed and had breakfast and got on the Pahi to school.I had to go into Lukas Drnasins car to go to the marare. In the car ride I hope that me and Lukas have fun going to the marae. I hope that someone will do a haka at the marare. I can’t what to make a pou. I can’t what to go to the marae. I hope that when we go to the marae we will be welcomed to the marae with a kakakea and when we take are shoes off  we will listen to 3 or more spichis at the marae and then do the hongi. Then the person that welcomes us will show us around the marae and introduce are self after morning tea. After we have a little play we will get to touch the carvings inside the marae and listen to some more spichis.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

LucasD Marae reflection.docx

C:\Users\Lisa Te Kira\Desktop\Placement photo\IMG_0957.JPG Image result for pounamu
Activity One:

What did you see?  I saw the huge Marae and all of the pounamu and the people who guided us. _______________________________________________________
What did you hear?   I heard a waiata and people chewing their food and the wind brushing in the trees and people  talking. _________________________________________________________
How did you feel? I felt very nevers and happy,sad,excided at the same time._________________________________________________________
What did you expect? I expected an very old fanchon marae and I thot that we would take the bus to the marae._______________________________________________________
What surprised you? I was surprised by the imedeit waiata.__________________________________________________________
What took you out of your comfort zone? _Doing the  hongi toke me out of my comfort zone.________________________________________
What did you learn? __I lernt  more about the maori caltcher________________________________________________________
List the order of events as best as you can about the pōwhiri and what you saw people doing. We saw the gateway .  When we were walking the to the marai the boys were at the back and the girls were at the front. Someone did a kadakea  we toke off are shose and then we lisind to a spech and then we did a waiata and lisind to another spech.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Activity Two:
Below are some photos of Tuhuru.  Listen to the tangata whenua talk about features that are significant to them.  Label the relevant pictures with information you have learnt.

Image result for tuhuru marae

the enterins gates to the fantastic tuwowo marai

Image result for tuhuru marae

each one of the carvings tells a story

Related image

I felt the carvings and the carpet on the floor. I saw the nui marai and the people welcoming us.

Every marae has protocols and rules that you must follow while you are there.  Listen to the tangata whenua and write down the rules that you are to follow while you are at Tuhuru.  Present it as a poster on this page:

(Me pēhea)

take your shoes off

must not interrupt the people that are talking


no elbows on the table
  no sitting on table
no stepping over people
no shoes in the marai

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday, November 24, 2017

Night zoo keeper

Night zoo keeper
Tom rivers has floppy hair and lots of freckles Tom rivers has a teleporting torch.

Tom rivers is a zoo keeper at the night zoo his job is to protect the animals in the night zoo and he does a very good job.

Tom rivers likes animals he dislikes spiders and bullies and vegetable soup.

He fights bad animals and it is a big job to handle but for Tom rivers it is hard but at the same time it is easy.

Friday, September 22, 2017

You should look after the environment

You should look after the Environment

In my opinion you should look after our beautiful planet and if you don’t look after the plant it will be a dump.

You shouldn't put rubbish on the ground. If you put rubbish on the ground it will fly away.

We should look after the water so we can go swimming. If we don’t look after the water we won’t be able to go swimming!

You should put rubbish in the bin. If you don’t put it in the rubbish bin the place will be polluted.

In my opinion you should look after the place. So it is not a dump. It should be a clean place.