Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Earth Hour/Power off

This week in reading we have been reading Earth Hour.
This story is about the Gater village's power going off.

Every hour Sam's mum  thought“will the power ever come back on”. It was getting close to diner so Sam's mum asked the” robots to make diner and I will get you a new battery from the combed”. They  all went to bed after dinner then a miracle happened the power came back on it woke Sam up Sam raced to every bedroom in the house to wake everyone up.Once everyone was wake and saw the power was on they raced to every house in the village to make sure they knew the power was on.

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Going to the marae

Tūhuru Marae - Arahura
On Thursday Ruma Kea are going to visit Tūhuru marae.
Write a paragraph about what you think the day will be like. It can be from the moment you wake up or from the car ride to the marare. What was the weather like on Thursday?
Here are some sentence starters.
When I woke up I had breakfast, got dressed and then took the bus to school. Once I was at school.............
When I got to school I had to hop in a car with a parent and my school friends, it was a long ride to the marare.
Here are some words in Te reo Māori you could use:
· Manahau (Excited)
· Whakamā (Shy)
· Harikoa (Happy)
· Pahi (bus)
· Motokā (Car)
· Awa (river)
· Wharenui (Dining room)

When I woke up I got dressed and had breakfast and got on the Pahi to school.I had to go into Lukas Drnasins car to go to the marare. In the car ride I hope that me and Lukas have fun going to the marae. I hope that someone will do a haka at the marare. I can’t what to make a pou. I can’t what to go to the marae. I hope that when we go to the marae we will be welcomed to the marae with a kakakea and when we take are shoes off  we will listen to 3 or more spichis at the marae and then do the hongi. Then the person that welcomes us will show us around the marae and introduce are self after morning tea. After we have a little play we will get to touch the carvings inside the marae and listen to some more spichis.