Friday, September 22, 2017

You should look after the environment

You should look after the Environment

In my opinion you should look after our beautiful planet and if you don’t look after the plant it will be a dump.

You shouldn't put rubbish on the ground. If you put rubbish on the ground it will fly away.

We should look after the water so we can go swimming. If we don’t look after the water we won’t be able to go swimming!

You should put rubbish in the bin. If you don’t put it in the rubbish bin the place will be polluted.

In my opinion you should look after the place. So it is not a dump. It should be a clean place.


  1. Hi Lucas, I really could feel you pulling me in like a fish and it was really strong. I learnt lots why we should look after the environment. just to be helpful you put in plant instead of plants.

  2. I like your Writing Lucas D


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